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Episode 17 - Miya's Training Course

The light shined into the dining room of the Izumo Inn where Miya was sitting at the table with Raiken, Akeno, and Ikaruga, "So you three are reincarnated devils?"

"Yes ma'am," Ikaruga nods.

"Okay then. I heard about your kind..." Miya looked at them, "Anyway, we will be starting your test soon,"

"Test?" Akeno blinked.

"Yes. I will be testing him first before I decide to train him," Miya stood up from the table until she picked up a bokken off of a display on the wall, "Here. You will be using this for this test,"

Raiken stood up onto his feet and approached her.

Miya handed the bokken to him, "You won't be able to use anything other than that,"

"Okay..." Raiken blinked.

Akeno stood up onto her feet, "That's not good for you. That's a wooden sword. Wood doesn't conduct electricity..."

"Hmmm, electricity? Does he have any special powers that I should know about?" Miya looked at them.

"Yes, Raiken is a mutant that has the power of electrokinesis," Ikaruga stood up onto her feet.

"Ah. For this, no using your powers. This is to test your skill as a swordsman," Miya looked at them with a gentle and calm, but serious look on her face.

"Yes, ma'am. What am I going to do for this test?" Raiken blinked.

"You will fight me," Miya looked at him and smiled, "Lets go outside for this,"

"Okay," Raiken nods.

Miya walked off with them following behind him.

They left the inn together.


Few moments later, both of Raiken and Miya was clashing their bokkens against each other.

Miya was easily blocking each of Raiken's blows against her, "Impressive. Now try better,"

Raiken sweats.

"I said better," Miya sighed.

Raiken sweats and charges at her when he swiped his bokken at her repeatedly, "Yes ma'am,"

Miya blocked each attack with her bokken before slamming it on top of Raiken's head.

"GAH!" Raiken staggered back from her.

"You need to be faster," Miya smiled calmly.

"Hey, Miya, who's this?" a teenage boy coming out of the inn and blinked at the sight of Raiken.

"Minato, this is a young man named Raiken who is trying to be my pupil," Miya glanced over at him, "Where is the girls?"

"They're inside," Minato sweats.

"Then why are you out here?" Miya looked at him.

"I just wondered what was going out here," Minato sweats.

"I am just testing Raiken..." Miya sighed, "Is Kazehana up now?"

"Yeah, she has a bad hang over..." Minato sweats.

"Tell her to come out here. Raiken and his friends were the ones to bring her back here," Miya looked at him, "I want her to say thanks,"

"Okay," Minato nods and went back into the inn.

Miya sighed, "Lets get back to training,"

"Yes ma'am," Raiken nods.

Akeno giggled, "This is getting interesting..."

Ikaruga nods, "Yes it is,"

Miya struck him in the chin with an upward slash, which hurled him flying through the fence.

Raiken was slammed into the fence where he was knocked unconsciously and laid there.

"Oh, dear, looks like I put too much force behind that," Miya smiled innocently.

"Is he okay?" Ikaruga came up to him.

Akeno followed behind him, "He seems alright. He was just knocked out,"

"He is alright. Just take him inside and lay him down on a bed," Miya looked at them and picked up Raiken's bokken, "When he wakes up, tell him that he passed my test and that training will start tomorrow morning,"

Both of Akeno and Ikaruga nods when they took Raiken inside of the inn.


A dimensional portal formed on top of a nearby building, which Saya emerged out of with a smile on her face.

A breeze blew through the area.

"Oh after this, I need to be heading off to the United States," Saya giggled to herself until she looked down off of the edge of the building's roof, "Now I need to find that boy and see what is doing... I wonder if Shinra will get involved soon?"

The dimensional portal closed behind her.

"Better to get moving," Saya blurred out of sight when she vanished from the area.
Here is episode 17 of my Highschool DxD crossover, The Lightning Swordsman. It features Miya starting her test for Raiken and Saya's advance on her search for him begins.
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