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Alolan Journey - Episode 8
Episode 8 - Trip to Brooklet Hill
The full moon shined down onto Poniola Town. Both of Alex and Flannery arrived back at the Pokémon Center where they went inside of.
Joy greeted them with a smile on her face, "Welcome back. Oh thank you, you got the egg back,"
They approached the counter.
Flannery handed the egg over to Joy, "Here you go,"
Joy smiled and placed the egg into a special container near the healing machine, "Thank you, I don't want to think what will happen to this egg if you two didn't come through at that time,"
"You are welcome," Flannery smiled.
"Yeah," Alex nods.
"As thanks, here is a pokémon that a old man had to leave here because he wasn't able to take care of him anymore," Joy handed a Poké Ball over to Flannery, "I hope you can take care of it,"
"Uh?" Flannery blinked when she held the Poké Ball in her hands until she unleashed the pokémon from it in a surge of red energy, which revealed it to be a Eevee.
The Eevee yawned cutely.
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Sekaiken - Episode 23
Episode 23 - A Secret Revealed
Few days has passed, the sun begun to raise in the horizon. Both of Zoro and Erza was standing outside of Zoro's hotel room.
"The guests will be arriving soon, Zoro-kun..." Erza smiled at him.
"Yeah then the wedding will begin," Zoro crossed his arms across his chest.
"I'm...really looking forward to it," Erza nods.
Zoro held her hand.
Erza blushed and smiled at him.
Later that morning, the ship belonging to the Nefeltari family arrived at the harbor of Magnolia Town.
Vivi came off of the ship with her son Dorai walking beside as she held his hand.
Igaram was helping Cobra off of the ship as he was pushing him by his wheelchair.
"So this is Magnolia Town?" Chaka followed after them.
"Yes. Its one of the locations in the Kingdom of Fiore," Cobra nods, "Its ruled by the Fiore family. They are friends of our family,"
"Oh I remember. Hisui is such a nice girl," Vivi smiled.
"I think your friend Zoro is staying at the Fairy Tail guild," Pell looked
:icontheslasherchaos:TheSlasherChaos 3 17
Crossover Galaxy: Grandheart Alliance - Episode 49
Episode 49 - The Lover of Portgas D. Ace
Tsukiame managed to lock the kaioseki handcuffs onto William's wrists, "There we go. There is no breaking from these handcuffs..."
William snarled at him, "If you think I have devil fruit powers, you are wrong..."
"Hmmm, impressive katanas..." Shishimaru picked up William's katana Honjō Masamune and looked at it, "So this is the fabled katana passed down through the Grandheart family?"
"Put that down!?" William shouted and stood up onto his feet when he attempted to charge at him.
"Painless Phantom," Faust pointed his scepter at him, which unleashed a white specter from its gem at him.
The specter went through William's body, which caused him to collapse down onto the ground with his entire body becoming numbed.
Shishimaru took the sheaths off of William and placed the katanas into them, "With where you are going, you don't need these masterpieces anymore..."
Meanwhile down in the underground prison, Nami and the others arrived t
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Crossover Campaign III - Part 1
Crossover Campaign III - Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King × Assassin's Creed III
Part 1 - The Assassin from Another World
Snow continued to fall down from the sky within the area near the town of Orkutsk. Hiro and the others was arriving near the town with the wagon.
Trode groaned, "That accursed d-dog!!"
"Just calm down, old man..." Angelo sighed, "Complaining won't make him come out..."
"How dare you speak to me like that?!" Trode gasped.
A loud howling noise echoed through the area.
"Uh, what is going on?" Trode gasped.
"Lets go see what is going on..." Angelo sighed, "Yangus, you stay here with the king and princess,"
Yangus nods.
Hiro ran off with Angelo and Jessica following behind him.
They arrived into a clearing where they found a man in a white and blue hooded coat fighting off a pack of hellhounds.
"Uh, who is this guy?" Angelo drawn his rapier out of its sheath.
"I don't know, but it looks like he needs our help," Jessica took her whip out of
:icontheslasherchaos:TheSlasherChaos 0 6
RPG Maker Fes Idea - Fantasy Realm
Fantasy Realm
Plot: William and some of his friends are transported to a mysterious world where they get dragged into a war for the entire world. Joining forces with the Kingdom of Ultima, they fight against the rival kingdoms and many evil threats.
Original Characters:
William - Main Character, Based off of myself.
Jon - Based off of my friend Jhnmichael2010
Corey - Based off of my friend Overlord011
Cade - Hidden Character, Based off of my friend Spider-Man999
Rena - Princess of the Kingdom of Ultima. She is the white mage of the group.
Christy - General of the Ultima Royal Army. She is the warrior of the group.
Guest Characters/
Info: Since there will be skins from Disgaea, Disgaea 5, and Phantom Brave in RPG Maker Fes as DLC. That means there will maybe be characters from those series in this. I'll have to see who will be in RPG Maker Fes first.
:icontheslasherchaos:TheSlasherChaos 2 3
Virtual Crossover - Episode 4
Episode 4 - Battle against the Royal Knight
Both of Shin and Nokia was walking back to the Nakano Broadway mall with their digimons following behind them.
"That was awesome!" Veemon shouted excitedly, "I wonder if we can become mega level digimons like you guys soon,"
Agumon and Gabumon sweats.
"Calm down, Veemon. One day we will digivolve into our mega forms... Whatever they are," Wormmon sighed.
They walked back inside of the mall together.
Few moments later, Shin was walking through the mall with Nokia and their digimons following beside him.
"So what are you planning on doing?" Nokia looked at him.
"Hopefully finding a way back to my dimension," Shin crossed his arms across his chest.
"Wherever you go to. We'll come with you," Veemon crossed his arms across his chest.
Wormmon nodded, "Yeah,"
"Uh, okay..." Shin sweats.
Nokia giggled, "I am amazed how attached they became to you,"
Shin sweats.
"Lets head to Akibahara for some shopping," Nokia smiled.
"Shopping? Why?" Shin
:icontheslasherchaos:TheSlasherChaos 1 5
Dragon Saga - Part 16
Part 16 - Training Time
The sun was shining down onto the village of Alexandria. The mansion was instantly restored back to normal within a surge of energy.
Shiro smirked, "It seems like Trunks made the wish,"
A surge of temporal energy formed within the sky, which Future Trunks and Pikkon emerged from until they floated down to the ground in front of Shiro and the others.
Future Trunks and Pikkon approached them.
"Who's that?" Jessica blinked.
Shiro approached them with Jessica and the others following behind him, "Trunks, who's your new friend?"
"My name is Pikkon. Your friend used the dragon balls to revive me back to life and I recently joined the Time Patrol by the request of the Supreme Kai of Time," Pikkon crossed his arms across his chest.
"Yeah what he said. I though we would need more help against Eclipse," Future Trunks scratched the back of his head.
"Alright, for now, lets train," Shiro smirked, "We are going to head out of town so we won't damage anything,"
Cabba n
:icontheslasherchaos:TheSlasherChaos 1 15
The Lightning Swordsman - Episode 20
Episode 20 - The Final Test
Early the next morning, Raiken was standing in the yard of the inn with Miya standing in front of him.
Akeno and Ikaruga was sitting on the porch as they were watching them.
"Remain in that stance," Miya looked at him.
Raiken nods.
"For now, you can see I am allowing you to use your own katana," Miya looked at him and was still holding her bokken in her hands.
Raiken nodded and was holding his katana Museigen in both of his hands.
"Come at me, try combining your powers with the basics of swordsmanship that I taught you," Miya remained standing there with a calm look on her face.
Raiken charged at her when he channeled electricity into his katana, which caused its blade to spark with electricity.
"You are still learning. Good," Miya smiled gently.
Raiken swiped his katana at her repeatedly.
Miya easily blocked all of the blows with her bokken, "You are doing okay, but not great..."
Raiken snarled when he engulfed the blade of his katana in a blade-shap
:icontheslasherchaos:TheSlasherChaos 1 6
Dragon Ball Super x Justice League Action - Part 4
Part 4 - The Clash in Gotham
Vegeta snarled and glanced around, "First Kakarot convinced me into coming to this pathetic universe and now a stupid psychotic clown insulted me,"
Few batarangs came flying down into the area as they were thrown straight at him.
Vegeta easily managed to catch them in his hands, "Tch, who dares to throw these toys at the prince of the Saiyans?"
Each of the batarangs unleashed a surge of electricity into Vegeta, which electrocuted him badly and left him a little stun.
Batman landed onto the ground in front of him, "This is my city. Now who are you and why are you here?"
Vegeta snarled when he shook the electricity and feeling of numbness with a sudden shock wave of ki energy from his body, "I'm Vegeta, the prince of the Saiyans! How dare you attack me?!"
Batman was blew back from him when he skid off of the ground and shielded himself with his cape, "So you are not strong enough to become the king?"
"How dare you insult me?" Vegeta snarled until he fl
:icontheslasherchaos:TheSlasherChaos 2 23
Crossover Galaxy: Grandheart Alliance - Episode 48
Episode 48 - The Two New Shichibukais
Torches within the lower basement floors shined through the area. Nami and the others arrived in the area where they glanced around.
"We are getting closer to the prison area," Litchi glanced around.
"Yeah lets go find your friend," Nami smiled.
They kept on walking until they arrived in a central chamber where they encountered some soldiers.
"Who the hell are you guys?" one of the soldiers gasped.
"Crap..." Nami sweats.
"Whoa, look at the breasts on them," another soldier gasped with drool coming from his mouth.
"More perverts..." Tifa sweats.
Nami smirked and took her Clima-Tact out of its holster, "I'll take care of them,"
"Heh come here, baby..." the soldier smirked with a perverted grin on his face.
"Uh, they must be traspassers..." the other soldier sweats.
"Shut up! I have been stuck down here on guard duty so long! Its rare for me to see babes like them!" the soldier shouted.
"Oh you like what you see?" Nami smirked.
"Oh yes I do, ba
:icontheslasherchaos:TheSlasherChaos 2 17
Ultima Force - Episode 6
Episode 6 - The New Supervisor of the Ultima Force
The lights were shining in the Ultima Force headquarters. Future Trunks sighed with his arms crossed across his chest.
Goku came into the room, "What's wrong, Trunks?"
"I got news from the people who formed this organization last night..." Future Trunks looked at him.
"What's that?" Goku blinked.
"I'm being replaced as the supervisor of Ultima Force," Future Trunks sighed, "I'll be returning to the Time Patrol soon,"
"Oh, so who will be your replacement?" Goku blinked.
"He will be coming soon," Future Trunks sighed.
"That will be me. Greetings, I'm Koushiro Izumi. You can call me Izzy," Izzy arrived into the room with a small beetle-like creature following beside him.
"Greetings, I'm Tentomon, his Digimon partner..." Tentomon greeted them.
"Yes, this is my replacement," Future Trunks approached Izzy and shook his hand in a friendly handshake, "Don't let his age fool you. He does look like he is still in high school, but he is a
:icontheslasherchaos:TheSlasherChaos 2 17
Kingdom Hearts: Crossover Chronicles - Episode 1
Kingdom Hearts: Crossover Chronicles
Episode 1 - The Destined Hero
The sun was shining down onto the huge city within the world known as the Eternal City. The sunlight shined into a bedroom where a young man was sleeping in his bed.
A woman in a black kimono with her hair styled up in a bun came into the room and sighed at him, "Time to wake up, Kōken..."
Kōken remained asleep in his bed.
The woman groaned and held her hand out at him, which made a ball of water manifest in the air above his head until it fell down onto him.
"GAH!" Kōken sat up as he was completely soak, "Lulu!"
Lulu sighed, "Its pass eleven o' clock... You need to get up. I told you to not stay up late playing video games..."
Kōken sweat and got out of bed in his boxers, "Can you please leave so I can get dressed?"
"Fine, remember we have to meet up with the elder today," Lulu sighed until she walked off and left the room.
Kōken sighed until he got dressed in a black sleeveless s
:icontheslasherchaos:TheSlasherChaos 3 32
Sekaiken - Episode 22
Episode 22 - Son meets Father
Zoro and the others met back up in front of the Fairy Tail guild building.
"Zoro-kun," Erza smiled.
"Oh hi, Erza," Zoro approached her.
"How was your night?" Zoro smiled.
"Um, fine," Erza was blushing lightly.
"Awww," Palutena came out of the guild building and giggled at them.
"Oh, Lady Palutena," Erza greeted her.
"I came here to introduce someone to you all," Palutena smiled.
Auron came walking out of the guild building and smirked, "So this is Zoro?"
"Who is this?" Zoro snarled.
"Your father," Palutena giggled.
"It's a pleasure to meet you," Erza bowed slightly.
"My name is Auron," Auron smiled, "Its a honor to meet my future daughter-in-law,"
"You can see who Zoro-kun gets his manly looks from," Palutena giggled.
"Yes, it is quite clear they are father and son," Erza smiled.
"Oh I forgot. I did invite more of your friends, Zoro-kun," Palutena smiled.
"Who?" Zoro blinked.
"Princess Vivi," Palutena smiled.
"Vivi?" Nami asked excitedly, "It's been
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Alolan Journey - Episode 7
Episode 7 - The Mysterious Trainer
The sun was shining down onto Route 4. Both of Alex and Flannery was walking through the area.
A Mudbray suddenly came running out of the tall grass.
"Heh, a Mudbray," Alex smirked when he took a Poké Ball off of his belt and made it grow to its normal size, which he hurled out and unleashed Dartrix out of it in a surge of red energy.
Dartrix landed onto his feet.
"Dartrix, lets start this off with Peck!" Alex shouted.
Dartrix flew at Mudbray and pecked at him repeatedly with his beak.
Mudbray was knocked away by the pecking blows.
Alex hurled a Great Ball straight at him.
Mudbray was struck by it, which sucked him inside of the Great Ball in a surge of red energy.
The Great Ball landed on the ground and begun to shake repeatedly until the button on it shined with a green light.
Alex picked the Great Ball up and smirked, "Yes, I caught a Mudbray,"
Flannery giggled, "Good job,"
"Thanks," Alex shrunk the Great Ball to a smaller size and plac
:icontheslasherchaos:TheSlasherChaos 1 19
Virtual Crossover - Episode 3
Episode 3 - A Mysterious Foe
Few hours later, Shin arrived in the Nakano Broadway mall within the city of Nakano while he was following behind Nokia.
Veemon and Wormmon chased after them.
"Where are we now?" Veemon blinked.
"The Nakano Broadway. Its a building within Nakano," Nokia smiled, "Its full of many great things that include anime, mangas, and much more! They even have a arcade on one of the upper floors,"
"Oh, that's amazing," Wormmon blinked.
"I heard this place back in my home world..." Shin crossed his arms across his chest.
"You keep on mentioning you are from alternative world. Is it very similar to this one?" Nokia blinked and crossed her arms beneath her curvy chest.
Agumon and Gabumon stood behind her.
"Somewhat yes. I do come from a alternative reality version of Earth, but we managed to develop a progress to fully digitize yourself and go into the internet through special devices," Shin looked at her with a smile on his face, "Your world seem to have the same
:icontheslasherchaos:TheSlasherChaos 2 2
Kumogakure Chronicles - Episode 2
Episode 2 - A Visit to Konoha
Few hours later, Kagen arrived back at the Masamune household with his squad following behind him.
"Whoa, this is your home?" Tsuyoi glanced around.
"Yes it is," Kagen nods.
"Its small..." Kurai sweats.
"Kurai, that's rude!" Amai gasped.
"Not all of us can be rich..." Kagen sighed and walked inside of the house with Amai and the others following behind him, "Samui-chan, I am home... I got some people for you to meet,"
"Really? I got something to tell you..." Samui came walking into the living room and noticed all three of Amai, Kurai, and Tsuyoi, "Hmmm, kids?"
"Yes, I have my own squad to teach now," Kagen crossed his arms across his chest, "Kids, introduce yourselves,"
"I'm Amai Nii, the daughter of Yugito Nii and the new host of the Nibi..." Amai bowed to her.
"I'm Kurai," Kurai bowed to her.
"Heh, I am Tsuyoi Tenryū~!" Tsuyoi smirked until his head was grabbed by Kagen and was forced to bow by him.
"Don't let your ego overwhelm you," Kagen t
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I will be taking a break from doing Request Stories. Mostly due to the fact, I already have a big load of stories that I'm already doing at the moment and that I can get very lazy at times.

Sorry to anyone who wanted me to do a request story for them.


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I'm also a causal gamer that loves RPG genre games and some others.

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