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Hiya its me Slash. Let's talk about why I gave up on the current generation of WWE video games, the WWE 2K series.

Its mostly because they became somewhat boring to me since every year they are mostly the same thing with only few changes and a different roster.

I mostly hate when game companies pump out a game series every year to have that next year number on them for every year.

I saw it with the WWE 2K games that they come out with many glitches and long load times (old generation versions from I experienced).

Even through they had some great pre-order characters (Arnold in his T-800 outfits for 2K16 and Goldberg for 2K17), I can't see myself paying that much when other great games will be coming out that will be better than it.

So for now, I am giving up on the WWE 2K series. Maybe I will try a old WWE game, WWE All-Stars. That's like the closest thing WWE has to a real fighting game.


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Part 11 - A Saiyan's Pride

Both of Future Trunks and Future Gohan appeared in the sky above the village of Alexandria within a temporal surge.

"So this is the home world of your friend?" Future Gohan glanced around.

"Yes, this is the planet Terra. Its very similar to Earth, but it seems to be still in its medieval era..." Future Trunks crossed his arms across his chest, "I don't sense him anyway nearby... Lets go see if his wife is around..."

"His wife?" Future Gohan blinked.

"Yes, Shiro-san is married to his childhood sweetheart Jessica-chan..." Future Trunks floated down to the ground with him following behind him.

They approached the village and walked through the entrance to the village until they arrived at a huge mansion.

"This is where Shiro lives," Future Trunks smiled.

Jessica came walking out of the mansion and blinked, "Uh? Oh its you, Shiro's friend from that Time Patrol... Your name is Trunks, right?"

"Yes, ma'am and this is my friend Gohan," Future Trunks smiled and introduced Future Gohan to her, "We came here to talk to your husband,"

"Oh, sorry, but Shiro is not here at the moment..." Jessica looked at them.

"Uh where did he go to?" Future Trunks blinked.

"Earth. He went there with someone named Tarble..." Jessica looked at him.

"My uncle?" Future Trunks blinked, "Why did he come here?"

"He said that someone named Beerus destroyed the planet he was staying on..." Jessica looked at them, "So he had Shiro take him to Earth since he came to here by accident,"

"Lord Beerus did what?!" Future Trunks gasped.

"Who?" Future Gohan blinked.

"He is the God of Destruction... I am guessing that Shiro never met the version of him in this timeline," Future Trunks sighed, "Anyway we need to head to Earth,"

Future Gohan nods, "Okay then,"

"Sorry, but we have to go now," Future Trunks looked over at Jessica.

"Its fine," Jessica smiled.

Both of Future Trunks and Future Gohan flew off into the sky until they vanished in surges of temporal energy.


Meanwhile at Capsule Corporation, Shiro was standing near one of the buildies with his arms crossed across his chest, "Tarble, what are you planning on doing here? I don't have all day to stay here,"

Tarble sweats, "Sorry, but I need some time to talk to my brother,"

Vegeta groaned.

Goku smiled at Shiro, "Come on, Shiro. Lets have a sparring match,"

"No, quit asking..." Shiro groaned, "You act like a little child..."

Both of Future Trunks and Future Gohan appeared out of a temporal surge within the sky.

"Uh? Oh its the big Trunks," Goku smiled and noticed them, "Is that Gohan?"

Both of them floated down to the ground.

"There you are, Shiro-san," Future Trunks approached him.

"So you know him, Trunks?" Vegeta looked at him with his arms crossed across his chest.

"Yes, father. Also this is Gohan from a alternative future," Future Trunks introduced Future Gohan to them.

"Whoa, this version of Gohan is very handsome..." Bulma blushed.

"Um thanks," Future Gohan sweats.

"So you are messing around with time once again..." Vegeta groaned.

"Yeah, sorry, father..." Future Trunks sweats.

"So why are you here?" Shiro looked at him.

"Its about a being called Eclipse. He said he was the son of a demon sorcerer from your home planet of Terra," Future Trunks looked at him.

"Jessica told me about him. Rhapthorne was the name of the sorcerer, she never told me about he had a son..." Shiro narrowed his eyes, "I better head back to home, if he is out for revenge, he will head for the ones that defeated his father..."

"That means your wife is in danger..." Future Trunks looked at him.

"Yes," Shiro nods.

"Heh then lets head over there," Goku smiled.

"Sorry, but this threat is none of your business..." Shiro looked over at Goku with his arms crossed across his chest.

"Uh?" Goku blinked.

"But Shiro, Goku-san is way more stronger than you!" Future Trunks looked straight at him.

"What did you say?" Shiro narrowed his eyes, "I'm a Saiyan... Saiyans become stronger through fighting... How can I become stronger if I keep on sending another person to fight for me?!"

Future Trunks backed away from him with his eyes widen.

"You won't understand... Since you kept on sending me to do your fighting... Even back in the fight against Demigra..." Shiro sighed, "Sorry, but I deeply care for my family and loved ones! I will protect Terra against any threat that comes its way!"

"Calm down, Shiro-san..." Tarble sweats.

"He is right, this is no time for you getting mad at the wrong person..." Future Gohan looked at him.

"Yeah, anyway I wonder how strong he is," Goku smirked.

Shiro sighed once again, "No. Its not about strength. Its about survival,"

"Uh?" Goku blinked.

"I don't care about your selfish hunger to become stronger and fight stronger foes," Shiro approached Goku, "I am not the same as you. I fight to become stronger to protect my family and loved ones, but for fun..."

"Oh," Goku blinked.

"You will never understand, will you?" Shiro sweats.

Vegeta sighed, "No, Kakarot is just too dumb to understand..."

"Sorry but have to go," Shiro sighed.

"Hold on, Shiro. I will like to come with you to help out if I can be any help," Tarble approached him.

"Fine," Shiro nods.

"Well good luck with the fight," Goku smiled.

"But wait, Shiro-san!" Future Trunks approached him.

Shiro placed his index and middle finger onto his forehead and grabbed onto Tarble with his left hand.

Both of them instantly vanished from the area.

"So he knows that technique?" Vegeta narrowed his eyes.

"Whoa he knows Instant Transmission!" Goku gasped.

"Tch..." Vegeta groaned.

"Sorry, but we have to go," Future Trunks sighed.

"Hold on, Trunks. After thinking for a bit, I won't get another chance like this to see my father again..." Future Gohan looked at Future Trunks with a serious look on his face until he walked up to Goku, "Even through I am not this timeline's version of your son. I was still proud to be your son, father..."

"Hehehe. Its nice seeing you, Gohan... As you can see, I am doing all fine now. Thanks to big Trunks coming back with that medicine that helped me out," Goku smiled with a big grin on his face.

"Yeah, it was all thanks to him and his mother," Future Gohan nods.

"Its kinda strange that you turned out so differently than Gohan here," Goku blinked.

"Yeah. It was all because of the androids," Future Gohan sighed.

"Yeah. I heard the androids were much different in your timeline," Goku looked at him.

"Uh, they were different here?" Future Gohan blinked.

"Yup, they were kinda nice people. Well... 16, 17, and 18 to say..." Goku tapped his index finger on his cheek.

"There were more than those two?" Future Gohan blinked.

"Yeah I kinda forgot to tell you that..." Future Trunks sweats.

"Well we have to go, it was nice to see you again, father..." Future Gohan suddenly hugged Goku.

Goku smiled and hugged him back.

They let each other go.

Both of Future Trunks and Future Gohan flew off into the sky until they vanished into a temporal surge.

"That was weird..." Bulma sweats.

Goku shrugged, "I am going home... I am getting hungry..."

Vegeta groaned.
Dragon Saga - Part 11
Here is part 11 of Dragon Saga: Dragon Ball Xenoverse × Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King. It features Future Trunks and Future Gohan finding Shiro and telling him about Eclipse.

Updated: Added a bonding scene between Future Gohan and Goku, its thanks to my friend :iconspider-man999: mentioning that I forgot to add a scene like that.


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